Art direction of shoots commissioned by the Amsterdam-based music & art platform Subbacultcha.
All photos have been publiced in The Void.

Lyra Pramuk shot by Kasia Zacharko in Berlin, Germany

Shortparis shot by Sasha Mademuaselle in Saint Petersburg, Russia

Erika de Casier shot by Ériver Hijano in Berlin, Germany

Easter shot by Kasia Zacharko in Berlin, Germany

Coucou Chloe shot by Carson Davis Brown in Los Angeles, USA

Left:Rouzbeh shot by Annabel van Royen in Amsterdam • Right: Ms Nina shot by Cora Álvarez in Madrid, Spain

SASSY 009 shot by Jonathan Vivaas Kise in Oslo, Norway

Reckonwrong shot by Kamila K Stanley in London, UK

Eartheater shot by Yael Malka in New York, USA